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July 26, 2017

Piaggio Porter in name, Hijet in nature.

Apart from the badge they are the same.

We still have the Piaggio 4×4 for sale. Unfortunately my notifications have been turned off on this site for the last couple of weeks so any one showing an interest should get back to me now that I have it sorted.

July 7, 2017

Piaggio Porter for Sale

We have a 59 Porter for sale. It is 4×4, has the option of fitting the gas conversion originally installed. It has 9 months MOT, 90 something thousand miles on the clock.

For more details please see the page of the same name..

June 4, 2017

4X4 Piaggio Porter

As long as all goes to plan and it flies through the MOT, we will have this 4×4 porter up for sale next week. Watch this space. !!

Slight delay, it did fly through the MOT but we’ve been busy moving house and now we’re going on holiday for a week so I shall give you an update when I get back.

Happy Jetting. xx

May 21, 2017


Hello, nice to see people visiting this site. I need to check to see what is visible, so please bear with me if there’s not a lot showing at the moment.

May 17, 2017

Daihatsu Hijet Owners Club.

We’re back on -line for a while. We still have plenty of spares but not things like lights and mirrors, tanks etc. Which is going to be the things a lot of you are looking for. Unfortunately , as you probably know by now, these are very hard to come by. But if you are looking for most other things, we should be able to help.

We send our stuff with the Royal Mail. If you would like to make other arrangements yourself on bigger articles, that’s fine.

Jerry is just working on a 4X4 so that will be up for sale very soon..

February 21, 2015


I have to admit I don’t add to this site as often as I should. Various reasons which I won’t go into except to say I get headaches if I’m on the computer for more than a couple of minutes.
It’s good to see that you are all still using it though. When I logged in this time I was at a total loss as they had changed the dashboard, when I managed to find that even.
Anyway, I must go for now and will be back again soon. So happy Jetting until then!!

Got the headaches sorted now, just a touch of neuralgia. Soon fixed with a few tablets.

Wouldn’t that be marvellous, chuck a few tablets at your hijet and ‘ BING’ all sorted.

Of course, now, I have no excuse for not writing lots of really interesting and inspiring things about Hijets. Although, Jerry and I did have a trip down to the coast to visit Harvey and Caroline to take them a fuel tank for their Romahome. Romahome being the word I should have picked up on rather than camper. The Romahome obviously needing a pickup tank not a van tank which, unfortunately, we took down.

If there is someone out there that can help them out please post on here to let them know. It’s a 1300 pickup petrol tank that they need.

It was a pleasure to see them and a lovely drive but that’s not a lot of help really!

September 30, 2014

1000 efi people carrier for sale


we now have a six seater N reg Daihatsu Hijet for sale. Good runner etc.

Please contact me here or phone Jerry on 07734604021 for more details.

We’re looking for about £800 for it.

Just managed to get some photos together for this. I’ll post them tomorrow.


April 22, 2014

Hijet engines for sale

We have a 1300 efi engine for sale.

Also a diesel engine which we think is a 1200 but could be a 1400. Jerry is going to have a look when he has a bit of time to do so.

Both were good runners whilst still in situ.

We are looking for £200 a piece.

September 19, 2012

Daihatsu Hijet – Information from Wiki

Daihatsu Hijet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Just goes to show all the different variations, the Hijet that we know and love is actually described at the bottom of the page as a ‘Variant’.

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