Seeking Daihatsu Hijet spare parts.

Once again I’ve managed to get things a bit muddled in the communication department. For the time being if you want to get in touch with us we’re down to our two mobiles. The landline is shot and I’ve no idea whats going on with my email addresses. I must be about the only person who has two addresses in one name. So I have to sort that out.

It is getting very hard to source Hijet parts now. Mainly people want to sell their little vans, campers etc. So, of course, they want a higher price than we are able to pay and they also don’t like the idea that their pride and joy is going to be dismantled for parts. We still have a reasonable amount of bits and pieces for sale. It’s just the most needed parts, such as, lights, mirrors fuel tanks that are gobbled up straight away.

So if you have an enquiry about parts one way or the other your best option is to try to phone Jerry on. 07734 604 021.

If he doesn’t answer it will probably be because he’s driving. So you will be stuck with talking to me on. 07804798774

All the best to you all Emma

9 Comments to “Seeking Daihatsu Hijet spare parts.”

  1. Hi I’m after 2 sunroofs, any suggestions. Many thanks

  2. I am looking for the following parts – passenger side sliding door handle, drivers side side light panel, Front bumper. Many thanks

  3. Hi , I have 2 rear single seats with fixing brackets , open to offers as I have no need for them.

  4. Looking for door locks barrels and keys

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