Hi,  please bear with me if you expected to arrive at the other site. I’ll be getting prices listed on this site now, I think.

It’s all been a bit baffling since MS decided to shut down all the websites that hadn’t swapped over to their “new and improved” system. So once again I’m plodding on trying to sort it out. You might get an error 404 come up for some pages, that’s just the one’s I haven’t sorted out yet.

We’re still here on our mobiles;  Jerry… 07734 604021

Emma..07804 798774

Landline..01225 344481

and my email …

So wish me luck and do phone if you need any help or parts.

2 Comments to “”

  1. hi I’m after a front bumper for a Daihatsu hijet 1300 efi 2002

  2. We have just bought a Hijet Roma camper 1985 in excellent condition 92k only 300 miles in last 9 years only bit missing for MOT is near side front indicator and side light lens having great trouble finding this part as all vehicles being broken are post 86 and the new shape can anyone help so we can get this old vehicle back on the road

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