Contact Us/Ordering Parts

If you would like to enquire about or order parts, it’s best to email me directly. I’m not quite sure if my answers get through to people every time when I answer questions on this website. I have tried going directly to them with the email they sent the question with but I either never hear from them again or it tells me that it’s an invalid address. Or you can phone us, of course.
If there is a problem with any part that we send you, we will refund your money after you return the part to us.
I would just like to mention that if you do buy from anyone else that you contact through this web-site we can’t be held responsible for any problems. I’m sure that’s obvious but thought I had better mention it anyway.
I’m revising the parts lists at the moment as they are rather out of date.
E-mail address:
Tel.  Landline…………..01761 492958
Mobile………….0780 4798774  (Emma)
Mobile………….0773 4604021  (Jerry)
Home address………..Pensford.

16 Comments to “Contact Us/Ordering Parts”

  1. can you help me locate a radiator for my hijet panal van 1.0i 1996 as mine is shot its a 42 many thanks phil

  2. Hi, looking for hijet van 1998 efi 16v rear reversing light that fits into rear bumper please
    07885757541 Please leave text as maybe sleeping.

  3. Can you tell me what shocks I need for my 1997 Daihatsu hijet camper, the ones on it are really shot and I can’t find what size I need on the net.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi I own a diahatsu hijetter 1 litre ,called Lilly ,I need two tyres 155 .12c ,D 103 Radial ,can anyone help please ,

  5. Hi. I’m looking for a nearside headlight to fit a ‘T’ reg hijet panel van, can anybody help please !

  6. Hi, do you by any chance have a spare exterior handle for offside sliding door, or do you know where we could find one? It’s for a Hijet people carrier 1.3, year of registration 2000. Many thanks. Sue

  7. To Lee,I’ll have a word with jerry in the morning he’s asleep now. Emma

  8. Hi , guys I’ve just purchased a 1.3 hijet and I’m needing a few parts if you can help.

    Wing mirrors
    Rear carpet
    Front grill
    Exhaust system

    Many thanks


  9. Hi there.
    I have a Hijet panel van 2004 1.3l petrol.
    The brake cable snapped this weekend and I am trying to locate a replacement.
    It’s the primary one connected to the break lever.
    Do you have one or know know where I might be able to obtain one ?
    Thanks, Gareth.

  10. Hi jerry,
    forgot to send you this link, its for the replacement wing mirrors, not sure if this is the exact one but I got mine from this seller…

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