Tribute to Tony.

Tony worked hard to get this business up and running. He had to get his head round things that he had never come close to tackling before. Such as renting his yard from the council, the amount of paperwork was incredible and all the palaver of getting references etc.

He had lived on the street for years, been a drug addict, alcoholic but he pulled himself up, sorted himself out and got this business going. And it was a success. We had just closed the eBay shop and had enough custom coming in through our own websites and advertising.

All of that just to be taken away in three months by lung cancer.

I will keep it going for as long as I can with the help of Jerry. We still have plenty of spares.

4 Comments to “Tribute to Tony.”

  1. Never knew him but sounds like he was an exceptional man . Hope you are able to keep the site going in his memory , All the best .

    Eddie , 993 HiJet , Blackpool

  2. Hi Emma, if you do ever make it up to Brid then head for the Spa theatre and we are going to be running from there this year!. If you need somewhere to stay in brid then I would always recommend (great plug!!) as it’s the best guest house in Brid! (it’s my folks). We have been contacted for a wedding in Bath, if they get back to confirm then I’ll let you know when it is and then I can pop to you and show you how good Tuki is!.

    Good luck with everything


  3. A fantastic bloke who thrived to assist others. He will sorely missed.


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