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August 7, 2014

A quick hello

I could be really silly and just say “hello”. But i won’t.

I do find it quite difficult to write about things that are going on in our Hijet world mainly, I think, because most of it goes on over at the yard and I rarely attend I’m ashamed to say. 

Things that I do know are,in fact, quite exciting at the moment. The yard is going from strength to strength with people who don’t live too far away visiting and talking to Jerry about their plans and buying bits and pieces. It’s a lot more satisfactory than posting second hand parts as they know exactly what they’re getting. We’ve had very few complaints with the pieces we have sent which is pretty good going.

Not only but also,(as the saying goes) we have a couple of good vehicles coming up for sale. The trouble is they tend to get snapped up from the yard before I manage to post them on this site.

Well I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine and hopefully we will be getting plenty more.

So happy Hijetting everybody.

All the best from Emma and Jerry.

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