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July 13, 2010

Bleeding the system (993cc only)

If you have to refill your radiator with fluid (anti-freeze) then it is very important to do it properly,keeping airlocks out.The best way of doing this is to remove all the fluid in the system, remove the bottom radiator hose and the 2 pressure caps one on top of the radiator,the other on the expansion pipe, which is situated under the passenger seat.  Also you must remove the little rubber cap on the heater bleed pipe, this is situated above the radiator at the front of the vehicle. This should then free all the fluid from the system, which should be caught from the radiator pipe into a container.Now you are ready to fill up the system.Reconnect the bottom hose. Then you will need a funnel with a pipe attached so it is higher than the bottom of the windscreen when inserted into the radiator. It is best to tie this to the wiper or get someone else to hold it. Turn the heater on hot and on full, turn on the engine and start to fill the radiator through the funnel. When fluid starts to appear at the expansion pipe replace this pressure cap. Keep filling and fluid will start to come out of the heater bleed pipe, when this happens let it run through for a few seconds just to make sure the air is out then push rubber cap on and tighten.Remove the pipe from radiator and your system should now be bled through. REMEMBER KEEP THE FLUID FLOWING AT ALL TIMES and dispose of any waste anti-freeze properly or filter and reuse.

This is for the 993cc only.

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