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June 21, 2010


The worst problem the 993cc  Hijet might suffer is over heating. There are quite a few reasons for this to happen but it basically come’s down to air pushing  the water out somewhere!.

The first place to look is the oil, see if it is turning white. If it is, then this normally  points to the head gasket. Although the gasket can blow in other ways not affecting the oil. If the oil is clean then you might pay attention to the pipes, check there are no leaks, holes in the metal pipes or splits in the rubber. Also check the pressure caps, one on the radiator and one on the expansion pipe on top of the engine, if they are in good order as the rubbers can wear and cause fault.You might also check the expansion bottle is clean and the pipes going in and out are also free from muck. If after you have checked these points and still have problems it might be an idea to check your thermostat and if faulty replace with a new one. It is also a good idea to flush the engine out with a hose pipe through the expansion pipe. I normally do this with the thermostat out and the  bottom hose off the engine. Then flush the radiator whilst the hose is off. Turn the heater on and flush through the pipes above the radiator. Then connect everything back and bleed the system through.

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