Daihatsu Hi-jets

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We have some diesel spare parts in now, plenty of 1300 and 1000cc.

Has anyone got a non-runner out there that they would like to get rid of, we can collect?

I’ve just posted pictures of  both the pick-ups on a separate page. See ‘Pickups for sale’.

What we would love to see on this site are some more pictures of your Hi-jets. Whether it’s a project or your standard pride and joy.

Anybody who has one of these vans will agree that they are amazing little vehicles. Not only are they economical on fuel but also eco-friendly. They were one of the first vehicles to have catalytic converters fitted.

We travelled to France three times in our first one. If you’re a little careful who you book with they will only charge you the same price as a normal car. The motorways, also, charged us the standard car price. It makes quite a difference to the total price of your journey compared to a larger van.

That leads me onto the fact that a very popular name for the Hi-jet is ‘the Tardis’ . There are, of course, different models, the van and the people carrier. The people carrier will take seven people but it is very easy to remove the seats, a few bolts. Then you have plenty of space as with the van. You can,also, leave one or more of the back seats in to suit your needs, very versatile.

I should get Daihatsu or Piaggio Porter, as they now are, to pay me for advertising.

Micheal Langford sent us a link to his ‘ daihasaki’ which you can see on the ‘Posts’  page. We’d love to get some more pictures in. So, if you have a spare five minutes, send them in and we can all have a look where all your hard work has got you.

You might find that you end up on a different site now if you try to get here through a search engine. The guy that runs various mini van sites has now decided to start a Facebook site with the same name as this one.  He does have an excellent site called’ Micro Van Owners Forum’ , you can ask lots of technical questions and get answers from a few different people.

Anyway we’re still here plodding along if you need anything we’ll do our best to oblige.

38 Comments to “Daihatsu Hi-jets”

  1. Hello,

    I’m on the lookout for a good pair of headlights for an S reg hijet if you have any? Ta

  2. Can you give me a price of a new and secondhand starter mother for a diahatsu hijet 1.2 diesel reg p568 crb much obliged

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